About GlobalReach

A service of Global Information, Inc, one of the world's oldest and most established market research aggregators, GlobalReach has set a new standard for reaching event sponsors and exhibitors across Asia. Offering flat-rate localization, translation, customer support, and marketing services, GlobalReach is pioneering a new way forward into the largest and fastest growing economies on the planet.

Our People

Headquartered near Tokyo, Japan, with offices in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, the US, and Europe, GlobalReach brings an experienced team of global professionals to bear on the toughest challenges event organizers face in reaching new audiences. Contact us today to learn more!

Satoru Ono President & CEO

Satoru Ono

President & CEO

Penny Ho Manager, Taiwan

Penny Ho

Manager, Taiwan

Helen Lee Manager, Singapore

Helen Lee

Manager, Singapore

Jeroen van Heghe Manager, Europe

Jeroen van Heghe
Manager, Europe